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A guide to pass CNA Test

Guidelines in Passing the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam or CNA Test

CNA career prospects

Not everyone passes the certified nursing assistant exam or CNA test. Hence, if you really intend to have a prosperous career in this type of medical profession,…

…then it is important that you prepare well for the test. Many people believe that becoming a CNA is definitely a smart career move, especially for those who are planning to pursue a nursing career.

Studies show that the employment opportunity for a CNA is expected to increase between 30 to 35 percent for the next 5 years. This is largely due to the rapid increase in the number of retirees and seniors that require proper care.


Why be certified

One you pass the certified nursing assistant exam or CNA test, you can be hired to work at the hospital, health care center, clinic, or even in various homes for aged or the elderly.

Higher salaries are also expected when you’re certified to work as a CNA. Some states even require that a nursing assistant be certified prior to employment.

In other words, you don’t have a choice but to enroll in a CNA program and take the certification exams. Nothing to be anxious, the training course is relatively short; and the best thing is that you’ll surely learn a lot of things from it.


Performing the CNA tasks

All the essential tasks such as washing before starting work will be taught. Always remember that infection is rampant in this field, and you should do everything to prevent the spread of deadly viruses and bacteria.

The CNA programs will not only provide enough physical exercises but also enough guidelines that will help you in selecting the right answers during the certification examinations.


Two-part CNA exam

The certified nursing assistant exam or CNA test has two parts. The first one is the written or multiple choice type of exam while the second type is considered more nerve-racking, the clinical skills evaluation exam.

It’s important that you carefully listen to the tasks that you should perform. Even the tiniest detail is essential. You’ll be given 3 to 5 varied duties so you can demonstrate the right steps while the examiner is observing and evaluating your presentation.

You’ll even be asked to demonstrate the proper way of washing your hands. This simple task would normally take you 20 to 30 seconds to finish. Be mindful of decorum, discretion and safety at all times, especially when you’re approaching the patient to finish the task.


Remembering the right methodologies

Always consider the most excellent methodology for a particular task. Plan the steps that you should undertake so you will never commit mistakes. Practice is extremely important here so you should learn to handle things on your own even during the training program.

As you do all the works, talk to your patient and explain the procedures that you’re undertaking. Of course, you should not overlook certain safety measures like transferring belt, placing the call light, locking the wheels, or returning the bed to a lower position so as to make the patient feel more comfortable.

With all these things in mind, it’s a must that you pass the certified nursing assistant exam or CNA test and have a prosperous career ahead!


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