CNA Training Plans

What is a CNA ?

Knowing the Duties of a CNA

What is a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and how can they benefit the nation?

A CNA is a person who has trained and passed a certification examination to become a nursing assistant.

The CNA helps the patient by providing healthcare needs. They are supervised by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.

CNAs must be experienced and capable to carry out such rigorous tasks. Before enrolling in a CNA course, one must determine his or her goals and purposes of becoming a CNA.


Training to be a CNA

A CNA must have excellent interpersonal skills. He or she must give priority and importance to the patients’ health needs. A CNA should also be a good player of the medical team by exhibiting good training and valuable traits.

Training to be a CNA needs a person to undergo training programs being offered by Red Cross, online schools, and accredited institutions and colleges. Moreover, there are certain medical facilities that provide OJT (on the job training) that can benefit CNAs in training.

If one wants to become a CNA, one must enroll in medical schools that are accredited. Taking the CNA licensure exam is the last step before one becomes a CNA.

The CNA training program varies in every state in terms of the required training time and the examinations. Thus, it is essential to ask the State Licensing Board on the requirements to enroll in the CNA training course. One must also see the demand for CNAs in the state where one plans to seek employment.


The CNA and the Nursing Industry

What is a CNA and what is their place in the nursing industry? In the healthcare industry, there is a need for nurses. Due to their shortage, the job of the CNA has become increasingly important. Many opportunities create jobs for individuals who want to complement the nursing industry.

The demand for CNAs is rising particularly in nursing homes and institutions that cater to the elderly. These facilities give importance to CNAs as they are sympathetic to their patients’ needs.


CNAs’ Responsibilities and Duties

Some of the CNAs’ primary responsibilities include checking the patient’s vital signs, carrying out hygiene procedures, and moving and repositioning patients. A CNA checks the patients’ vital signs like pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, breath, and respiration.

CNAs must also assist the patient during showering and bathing. While doing this, a CNA must wear gloves and prevent the patient from falling down. CNAs always work with non-ambulatory patients. It is a CNA’s job to reposition every two hours the patient.

This makes sure that skin breakdown and bedsores may be prevented. Moreover, a CNA should assist patients perform various motion exercises to move their limbs and joints and promote proper bodily circulation.


The CNA and Patients

What is a CNA and how important is he or she to the patient? As a CNA must understand the patient’s needs, the professional will gain a relationship of trust with the patient. This is how they are important to the patients’ as well as the entire healthcare industry.


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